Saturday, March 21, 2015

Look At Us

Before you read this blog title and think this is a plea for attention, let me attempt to change your mind. In a recent conversation with my brother-in-law, he told me about how he and his family were out to dinner and he happened to notice a family with a little boy with Down syndrome around the same age as Reece. He watched the parents interact with their son and said he could see how much they loved him just by observing them in an everyday setting like dinner out. When they were leaving, he stopped by their table to say hello and was able to connect with them by sharing about Reece. He told me that he may not have ever noticed them, but having Reece in his life has made him more aware of others with DS.

Isn’t it interesting how that works? You may never be aware of something until you’re exposed to it. That’s how it is with DS. Before having Reece, I didn’t know a single person with DS. Sure I’d see families around, but it was a very rare occasion, and of course I knew of Corky from Life Goes On! But I’d never had a real encounter. It’s amazing how many families I see now. My eyes are open to a world that has always been around me, but I never had a reason to focus my vision on it.
And it makes me wonder, what do others see when they look at us? What are we showing the world when we are out in the community? What I want the world to see is the same unconditional love Reece shows to those around him.
I want the world to see a little boy who can do anything his peers can do, just on his own timeline.

I want the world to see two parents who are dreaming big for their little boy.
I want the world to see that DS is not as scary as it seems.
So, look at us! Future mothers and fathers of children with DS, LOOK AT US! Look and see that these children are incredible little humans who are worthy of the life you can give them. Look at us and see that life with DS is beautiful. Maybe if more people look at our family showing love to Reece, then maybe the fear of DS can be eliminated.
Today, on World Down Syndrome Day, we celebrate our loved ones with DS. We celebrate the six million parents who said yes to life and we keep on educating until the 92% termination rate dwindles down to zero. I won’t stop waving this flag, not today…not ever.

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